Awards :
The films rises voice against the killings of innocents, generally caught up in cross fire. Even if you call it accident and express an apology for it; you cannot just brush it away saying it as an act committed for social cause. Then who would answer for the killing of an innocent? Film has bagged:

1. Swarna (Gold) Nandi Award for Best Feature Film

2.Nandi Award for Best Female Dubbing Artist: Suneetha
Swarnakka tries to dispel misconceptions about Naxalites. It portrays them as people who mean good to the society and have an admirable ideology and purpose. They make efforts to bring order and justice in the society. They remain silent as long as things are in the right direction. However once oppression rises its ugly head, they rise again. Naxalites don’t fight for power or wealth but only for the social good. Rohit and Pruthvi were introduced from this film.
Ramesh introduced as a Editor to Telugu film industry from Swarnakka.

The movie got two Nandi awards as below:

1. Nandi Award for Best Actress : Roja

2. Nandi Award for Best supporting actress : Telangana Sakuntala
A factionist father who wants his son to look after all his activities. A reluctant son who despises his father’s violent ways and lives in exile, with his beloved wife. The son is killed cruelly by the opponents of his father and his wife and his little child are forcefully drawn into the quagmire. The movie depicts the brave fight put up by a timid woman to save her child from inheriting a legacy of Violence.

This movie got Eight Nandi Awards:

1 .Nandi Award for Best Supporting Actor Jagapati Babu

2. Nandi Award for Best Charactor Actor Prakash Raj

3. Nandi Award for Best Chaild Actor Master Krishna Pradap

4. Nandi Award for Best Female Playback Singer S.Janaki Song: Sooreedu Puvva

5. Nandi Award for Best Art Director V.Srinivasa Raju

6. Nandi Award for Best Costume Disigner Jhota Sai

7. Nandi Award for Best Female Dubbing Artiste: Saritha

8. Nandi Award for Best Special Jury Soundarya

Played major roles & responsibility in telugu film industry as :
* 2008 Nandi awards Committee    Chairman.
* Telugu Film Producers Council    President(2007-2009).
* A.P Film Industry Employee    Federation President and    Secretary.

Tammareddy Bharadwaj is known for his frankness in the field. Everybody in the Industry calls him 'Annayya'(Big Brother). He is also branded as the labour leader as he takes care of the union issues in Telugu film industry. Mr Bharadwaj's project is our First project,We are proud todo his project. Anilkumar Salla(M.D). Vagmin Software Services Pvt.Ltd