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Tammareddy Bharadwaj

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Tammareddy Bharadwaj

Producer and Director of Tollywod , India

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Tammareddy Bharadwaj

Tammareddy Bharadwaj was a Civil Engineer by Profession. He entered into Telugu film Industry as a Producer and later turned to Direction. He directed many Movies. He is also regarded as the Leader & champion of the Semi-Skilled and Skilled workers of the Movie industry. Over the years he has been very pro-active in furthering issues of various Unions in Telugu film Industry and played a Major Role in lending an influential voice for the benefit of the working class in Telugu film Industry.

Bharadwaj : An eye for New Talent

Bharadwaj introduced several new faces to the Telugu film Industry. He introduced many Actors including the Male Lead, Female Lead, Supporting Roles, Music Directors and Directors.

  • His most notable contribution to Telugu Industry was casting Chiranjeevi (who later went on become the Mega Star), in the lead role. It was Chiranjeevi’s First Full-Fledged Solo Hero project and his First 100 days and Silver Jubilee film.

  • Actors

    Chiranjeevi (Kothala Rayudu), Bhanu Chandar (Maro Kurukshetram), Suman (Iddaru Killadilu), Rohit (Swarnakka), Anand (Kadapa Reddamma),Pruthvi (Swarnakka) and Srikanth (One by Two) are the Popular Stars introduced by Tammareddy Bharadwaj.

  • Actress

    Malasri's first film as heroine is 'Manmadha Samrajyam'. She went on to become number one in Kannada Industry. Ranjitha- (Kadapa Reddamma), Priyanka- (Suri) and Gayatri-(MoguduKavali) were introduced as heroines.

  • Music Directors:

    Mickey J Meyer (Potheponi), Vidya Saagar (Alajadi), Saketh Sairam (Entha Bagundho), Joy(Iddaru Killadilu) are Music Directors introduced by Bharadwaj.

  • Editor Shankar introduced as Director in 'SURI'(2001).

  • Murali-Ramaiah(Iddaru Killadilu) and Ramesh(Swarnakka) are introduced as a Editors to Telugu film industry